Meet our teachers
Lets get to know our dedicated and experienced staff. All of our teachers are devoted to complete child care for children of all ages. Each and every teacher in our institution is being hand picked my the management to ensure the delivery of expected quality. With the great sense of knowledge, patience, care and experience of the teachers you can rest easy knowing your child is in the best hands.
1.Marufa Akter Usha
She is working as a special teacher in kiddie rocks since we have started our school.She has experience to work with special children for many years.She is very caring, friendly & has good child management skills.She is respectful to other colleagues in the classroom.
2.Rumona Haque
She is a senior special teacher in kiddie rocks since we have started our school.She has vast experience as a Special Education Teacher for many years.
She provides academic intervention and support for each & every children with unique needs.She has patience to understand students,dedicated to giving each individual student the tools and guidance needed to help them maximize success.
3.Jiasmin khatun
She is a junior special teacher in kiddie rocks .She actively helps other teachers in the classroom ,discuss students progress with the parents, helps in organising special events for children & parents.She supervises class assisstance’s behaviour & duties to each & every student .
4.Tania Akter
She is a class assistant of kiddie Rocks.She helps to clean up ,well organised the class room.She helps the children to play safely on the playground & give directions to the children who require more than others.